Monday, December 13, 2010


Saheed Osupa is a popular Nigerian Fuji Musician.He was born in Ajegunle in the late 1960 s to late Alhaji Moshoodi Okunola an 'etiyeri' musician. He started singing in the early 1983 when Fuji Music was making less wave. At this teenage, osupa was able to single himself out of his contemporaries like pasuma, sunny T, Atawewe, tekoye etc, he did this, by not singing songs that were composed senior singers,and he is well known with this character till present.Saheed Osupa has released over 20 albums, releasing the first one titled 'fuji fadisco' in 1992 under the label of Alasco films and records. He is a native of Ibadan. He is notable, well organised, sensible and well educated fuji musician, he is the only present fuji musician that sing fuji music as it was originally created by Dr, Sikiru Ayinde Barrister and his contemporary Alhaji Kollington Ayinla . Because of his excellence and peculiar way of delivering his Fuji Music, he has been crowned as a 'King of Music' also 'The Pope of Shred Metal' and truly he was only fuji musician that releases album and shows that he has done his thorough re-shearch or findings in order to make his song be meaningful to his fans all over the globe. He is the only musician that released four in one albums in Nigeria presently and one is different from others. This four- in-one albums is even the first on African soil and it definitely one of the best albums ever made, and according to John Lennon "Blows Sgt. Pepper's to pieces!!".Osupa is married to two women and blessed with children. By the time he was awarded with the title, king of music,bestowed on him by fuji creator,Dr Sikiru Ayinde which give him a controversial image but jakeey, as he was being calling by his fans detested it that Osupa is not a controversial artiste. Academically,osupa attended polytechnic of ibadan where he had OND in 1992 , he later studied computer networking in USA. Osupa in fuji music industry can boost of bringing up upcoming singers,though they may later turn out to be amongst his bitter enemies in this industry after he might have tried to bring them into lime light,among the musicians osupa trained are Muri Alabi popularly called Thunder, kamoru Ishola known as saridon 2 , while there are many young musicians that took after saheed osupa in term of way of sing and voice type,amongst them are Alujo Morufu, Aro Musendiku, Alamu sherif,Anango Okada,and lastly Safeje Amama who always claim that his voice and that of Osupa are just merely identical and not that he picked up the voice from him, even though that every fuji listners know that he uses osupa's distinguishing style of voice to present his own music also, the only proof for this fact is that osupa had started releasing albums eleven years before safejo could performed in a joint album titled 'god father' with pasuma and tekoma where he claimed to be ebora which means fairy of fuji music, the nick name that osupa was popularly known with in his album called 'london delight' which released 2 years befor god father.Saheed is surely the king of music not for anything but for his consistency in keeping the the original face of fuji music the one many claimed fuji musicians had changed thinking that fuji is just all about dancing to drum beats not knowing that fuji was being used by its early artists like barrister and kollington to advice people and pass messages to despotic ruler,and in fact, osupa is the only fuji artist that sings sensibly and uses his songs to advice,educate and pass messages to people.long life king saheed the one and only king of our time!

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